Team placements

Tue, 17 May 2011 13:45:03
Peter Stiff

At the Leamington League AGM it was discussed as to whether Stratford could put our B Team into division 2 or not. This would help to balance out the teams in that division.

The composition for Stratford Club would then look like this:

A Team Division 1 (4 boards)

B Team Division 2 (4 boards)

C Team Division 3 (3 boards)

D Team Division 4 (3 boards)

E Team Division 4 (3 boards)

I guess with Colin Searl, Phil Bennet, Satpal Singh, Steve Henderson, Dave Bowie this might work.

The C team would be unchanged in division 3.

The division 4 teams would be as outlined at our AGM.

Naturally some board and team compositions might change slightly when the grading comes out end of this month.

Any thoughts?


We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.