Summer Tournament

Mon, 08 June 2009 11:36:11

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for the summer tournament this year, with 16 positive responses. This splits nicely into 4 teams of 4 players. This will give us the opportunity to have some fun games over the summer, and with only 3 games to play, should be easy to fit in.

On that basis, I propose the following teams with the first named person acting as team captain:

Zulu Pawn - Richard McNally, Karl Brough, Daniel de Rosa, Steve Henderson
Silent Knights - Andy Chowne, Peter Stiff, Aaron Brough, Michael Caveney
The Rookies - Dave Bowie, Ray Trinder, Ben Brough, Dino de Rosa
Rooked Again - Jonathan Rashleigh, Phil Askew, Brian Vince, Zak Brough

The first named team in each case has White on Boards 1 & 3 and Black on Boards 2 & 4.
I suggest the following dates for the matches. These all fall inside the early part of summer, hopefully making it more likely that Jonathan will be available to play and also leave the busier summer weeks free. Obviously anyone not able to make a particular evening can rearrange the match to a more suitable time. Please let me know if anyone has a particular problem with these dates.
For each encounter, I have drawn both board positions and opponents at random (out of a hat).

We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.