Leamington and District Online Championship

Wed, 21 October 2020 07:10:40
Richard Buxton
The following message has been posted by the League. If you would like to enter the competition follow the link in the text. 

Following agreement at the EGM, I am delighted to now announce and invite everyone to play in the LCDL 2020 Online Championship. This will be a six round Swiss Event - running on Wednesday nights from the 28th October through to the 2nd December. (7.30 start with games on Lichess.) Each round will consist of two 15/10 games with reverse colours. The event will be free to enter and we will be adding this to the LCDL roll of honour. There will be a trophy for the winner and we will also award a title to the highest score below a certain grading band (to be determined when we have received entries.) There will also be a junior title. For those who haven't used Lichess before, it is free to download and easy to use and a guide is below.
Below is a virtual entry form, although equally if people prefer to just send their name, Lichess account name, mobile number and confirmation that they are signed up to our "Fair Play" policy (set out below), to either me or Hok, that is also fine. 
We will circulate more detailed rules and guidance (e.g. on scoring and tie-breaks etc) nearer the time. However, for now please do get your entry in if you can and please spread the word within your clubs and beyond - this particular competition is open to all. Making a success of this is key to whether we will be able to explore the possibility of a team event in the New Year.
Entry Form
Guide to using Lichess
Fairplay Rules: 
If the chess provider (lichess) closes the account that you have used for the tournament for 'suspected computer assistance', the player may not play in future weeks. The results of the previous games will be marked as won for the player's opponents, unless the League decides otherwise. The League may take similar action, as described above, in the interests of fairplay, outside of computer assistance, such as abusive messages to opponents, etc.

We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.