Club Swiss Tournament

Wed, 19 May 2021 20:05:56
Richard Buxton

Following the success of our recent online Stratford Chess League. I am now proposing to hold an online Swiss Round Competition over the next months to fill the gap until we hopefully resume OTB chess in August.

For those that are unaware of how a Swiss Competition works, after the first round players on the same score play each other. This means that during the tournament you are always playing against an opponent with a similar score than you.

Depending on the number of players you should also never play the same player twice.

I am proposing a time of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds for each player per game. To be played on a Wednesday evening at 7:30pm each week. Similar to the recent Stratford Chess League.

If you want to take part in the Swiss Competition please let me know as soon as possible as I am hoping to start the competition in a couple of weeks time. There is no limit on numbers who can enter, so the more the merrier.

For those who were unable to enter the recent online League, this is your opportunity to start playing chess again before the start of the new chess season in September, and to get those chess minds working again.

Many of the players also use video calls during their games to give a real OTB experience. This is however optional and no pressure is put on anyone to use video calls.

The competition will be hosted on



We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.