Club night options due to Omicron Covid-19

Sat, 18 December 2021 15:19:58
Richard Buxton

Due to the increasing infection levels of the Omicron virus, this Tuesdays club night will be available on instead of going to Foundation House. The club room will still be available if you want to attend but it is felt that not many, if any, members will be there.

Also Foundation House is closed between Xmas and the New Year so don't go on the 28th. A decision has also been made that we will not return to Foundation House until the 11th January. This however is dependent on the situation with the virus over the next few week. If we need to extend this date further I will let you know as soon as I can.

If you haven't been on before you need to be a member and a 'Stratford Chess Club', Member to take part.

To sign up, log into and then search for Stratford chess club in the 'Club' area. Request to join the online club by this Monday. You will then be given access to play on Tuesday.

The Arena club night starts at 7:15pm. You must 'join to play' before 7:15pm. Go to the Stratford Chess club area. Look at the 'events' and click on the correct event to join.

Games are set to 20 minutes per player. If you finish your game early you will be paired against another player as soon as they become available.

Hope to see you all there.

We also have our regular Swiss Club night on Thursday nights. This is also good fun so if you want more chess against people you know, see you on Thursday night at 7:15pm as well.

Keep safe over Christmas and New Year.



We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.