Club night 18th August @ 19:15hrs

Wed, 12 August 2020 11:18:32
Richard Buxton

Thanks to those members who took part in the club night yesterday, (11th August).

Here are the results:

1=Cameron (3), 2=Pete (2), 3=Adrian (2).

I think most of us had a good evening, even though it was a new experience for a few.

Following on from feedback from the event, next week's club night will be a three-round swiss with a time period of 15 minutes +10 seconds per move. This will give a similar length of game but with an added interest for additional tactics.

The Start time is 19:15 hrs, and registration is again less than an hour before the start time.

Sorry to those players who had to take a bye in the last club night and only had 2 games. Unfortunately, this happens if there is an odd number of participants.

Can I remind those who have not yet done so. Will you add your real name to your profile page, so other club members know who they are playing against. This will also help members if they want to challenge each other outside of a tournament, either on a club night or any other time.

See you all next week.




We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.