Club Summer Tournament 2011

Mon, 13 June 2011 08:15:58
Dino De Rosa
Dear all
Summer tournament time is here again and there has been even more interest than last year! However as quite a few people have holiday commitments etc I have decided to take the following approach. I propose 4 teams of 4, with 3 of us being floating players, filling in for anyone not able to make a particular night. This will keep it down to 3 matches which will be easy to fit in, and all match games will hopefully be played on the designated evenings.
On that basis, I propose the following teams with the first named person acting as team captain:
Pooped Pawns            -   Richard McNally, Aron Buxton, Richard Buxton, Paul Stockwell
Knackered Knights     -   Wiatt Ropp, Peter Stiff, Stuart Calderbank, Daniel De Rosa
Raddled Rooks           -   Phil Bennett, Satpal Singh, Michael Caveney, Steve Henderson
Banjaxed Bishops       -   Andy Chown, Dave Bowie, Paul Davies, John Ziegler
Floating players: Dino De Rosa, David Charlton, Martin Szachniewicz
The dates for the matches will be as follows. Please let me know if you will not be able to make any of these dates and I will arrange for one of the reserves to take your places.
For each encounter, I have drawn both board positions and opponents at random (out of a hat).
Thursday 23rd June
Celebrated Pawns  v       Notorious Knights
 1 Richard Buxton      v       Peter Stiff
 2 Richard McNally     v      Wiatt Ropp
 3 Aron Buxton            v      Daniel de Rosa
 4 Paul Stockwell        v       Stuart Calderbank
 Renowned Bishops v      Legendary Rooks
 1 John Ziegler            v       Satpal Singh
 2 Paul Davies            v        Phil Bennett
 3 Dave Bowie            v        Michael Caveney
 4 Andy Chown           v       Steve Henderson
Thursday 7th July
Renowned Bishops  v     Celebrated Pawns
 1 Paul Davies             v       Richard McNally
 2 John Ziegler             v      Richard Buxton
 3 Andy Chown            v      Paul Stockwell
 3 Dave Bowie             v       Aron Buxtom
Legendary Rooks       v    Notorious Knights
 1 Phil Bennett              v     Stuart Calderbank
 2 Steve Henderson      v      Peter Stiff
 3 Michael Caveney      v     Wiatt Ropp
 3 Satpal Singh             v      Daniel De Rosa
Thursday 21st July
Notorious Knights      v    Renowned Bishops
 1 Daniel De Rosa        v      Paul Davies
 2 Peter Stiff                  v      Dave Bowie
 3 Wiatt Ropp                v     Andy Chown
 4 Stuart Calderbank     v     John Ziegler
 Celebrated Pawns     v     Legendary Rooks
 1 Richard Buxton         v       Phil Bennett
 2 Aron Buxton              v       Steve Henderson
 3 Richard McNally        v      Satpal Singh
 3 Paul Stockwell          v       Michael Caveney
The first named team in each case has White on Boards 1 & 3 and Black on Boards 2 & 4.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.