Stratford Chess is back

Fri, 03 September 2021 13:52:49
Peter Stiff

I am delighted to inform members that over-the-board social chess and competitive chess will resume at our venue at ‘Foundation House’ from Tuesday 7th September. Thereafter, we will continue to meet at our regular time every Tuesday at 19.30.

Leamington Chess League matches will be hosted in the ‘Engine Room’ where there is a maximum of 10 people allowed at any one time. Social chess will be held in the ‘Green Room’ which can accommodate larger groups.

The club’s committee in liaison with the venue and the LDCL have established a covid policy for the 21/22 chess season, which we respectively ask members and visiting teams to follow.

Covid Policy for Stratford Chess Club

a. Face coverings are to be worn in all public areas and hand sanitiser is to be used on entry into the building.

b. Captains will ensure adequate ventilation of the playing room.

c. Face coverings will be worn in the playing room by all players and spectators, (unless mutually agreed between opposing players).

d. No food or drink shall be consumed in the playing room.

e. A maximum of 10 people will be permitted in the playing room.

LDCL update

Stratford has entered 3 teams in the LDCL and two teams in the KO’s. If you have been asked to play in a team you will be contacted by your team captain regarding availability for fixtures and any additional covid requirements that apply to away matches. Each club in the LDCL has established its own Covid Policy and it is a requirement of participation that the policies are adhered to.

The fixtures list is viewable on the club’s website and LDCL website and the individual KO competitions are now open for enrolment. If you require further information, please visit 

Please remember to renew your ECF membership in September. It is a minimum requirement to hold a valid Bronze ECF membership to play competitive matches in the LDCL. Please also be aware that the grading system has changed to using the 4-digit ELO system. The gradings were calculated using the conversion formula ECF*7.5+700 = ELO.

Broadly speaking the LDCL rules of competitive play are unchanged, except those relating to the old grading system. The rules for playing up for a higher team have been changed to allow unlimited games to be played on the bottom board. Playing down from a higher team is not allowed.

I look forward to seeing you all once again on Tuesdays. I wish our A-Team good luck in their first match at home against Kenilworth C.


We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.