Online Club Night

Sat, 12 December 2020 10:35:28
Richard Buxton

Just a short reminder to all those members who have not yet taken part in our online club nights.

Online games are hosted every Tuesday evening starting at 19:15hrs. On the platform. To take part you need a account, which is free, and register as a member of Stratford Chess Club on the site. This is a simple two part registration process, but you need to do it before the Tuesday club night as I need time to process the request.

Once registered you can then take part in every club night in the future. 

The format we follow currently is a swiss style competition consisting of 3 games, each being 20 mins plus 10 second increments per player. The night normally ends before 22:00hrs depending on the number of players and length of each game.

Do register to play if you haven't already and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.



We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.