Tue, 04 August 2020 17:23:30
Richard Buxton

Thanks to the 7 players who have signed up to play on the website.

Can I remind those who have not yet signed up that I am hoping to set up our first on-line club night on Tuesday 11th August, Starting at 19:15hrs. It will be a swiss type tournament with 3 games of 20 mins per player (40min games).

As this is the first virtual club night I am not to sure how it is set up on the web site, but I think I create the event and members need to sign up to play. Can I remind you that our club is Stratford upon Avon Chess Club.

If you have any thoughts on how the club night should be run, let me know.

Once active players have been established I will then approach other Leamington League Clubs to see if they want to play friendly club matches.


We are always looking to welcome new players to the club no matter what your ability.